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Starting Halloween Drawing Contest! (CLOSED!)

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 6, 2013, 11:30 AM

Hello Everyone! I'm hosting my very first drawing contest! Yay! Read below for the details and prizes!


  • Begins: Oct 7, 2013
  • Ends: Oct 30, 2013 @ Midnight (Central Time)
  • Each successfully entered deviation will be awarded a Llama Badge and have their submitted art featured in my journals for all of Nov 2013.
  • Winner/Winners will be announced on Oct 31, 2013

To win:

  • You MUST include one or more of my OCs below
  • It MUST be Halloween themed! So costumes, candy, ghosts, spiders, ect. should be present!
  • You MUST have a link to this contest and proper permissions
  • You MUST be watching me (this way I can keep you updated about the contest) 
Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir

The Rules Are As Follows:

  • YOU MUST FAVORITE THIS JOURNAL. (This helps to spread the news of the contest... which is a good thing! The more people that join, the more likely I am to increase the prizes)

  • YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS JOURNAL! That way I know you plan to join in ^^
  • This is an art contest, so please no literary works unless your submitting them with a piece of art. Sorry.
  • Any art style may be used (digital, traditional, ect.) Keep in mind that the more effort you put into it, the more likely you are to win!
  • You may enter one piece of art per person, this way it is fair to everyone who enters. 
  • NO BASE USAGE! You may use a reference, but please, refrain from using any bases as the art work should be 100% drawn by you.
  • You MUST use one or more of my OCs in the art work.
  • The work MUST be Halloween Themed, so the OC(s) should be in a costume and Halloween elements should be used.
  • You may draw the OCs in whatever costume you'd like, however I must be able to tell it is my OC! I will also add 'costume ideas' below each character to give you a simple idea of stuff that goes with their character.
  • All art must be properly tagged, and in compliance with deviantart's standards; 18 or older tagged material is acceptable as long as it is still in compliance with dA's rules.
  • All entries must be submitted after this journal entry is - so anytime on or after Oct 7th, 2013. The contest end date is set, there will be no extensions.
  • Credit must be given where credit is due. I'll make a sample to give you an idea of what to include:

An entry for : icon tialorelei : (<remove spaces) 's contest here (LINK TO JOURNAL) 
Character is property of : icon tialorelei : (<Remove the spaces)
Drawing by Me (or your icon, or whatever xD) 

Remember to remove anything that's bold/italicized/underlined and replace it with the correct things.

  • Be creative!

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Acceptable OCs:

One of the rules to win is to use one or more of my OCs, here is a list of which ones are available for use and some info to make it easier to get an idea of their 'personality':

Amanda Tia Lorelei

Tia and Bon by TiaLorelei Tia and Spud by TiaLorelei <da:thumb id="398087669"/>Story Of My Life by TiaLorelei
This is my main OC. She's very quirky and outgoing, and pretty socially awkward at times. She's a very loving older sister to Spud (if you draw her and Spud together), and can be quite obnoxious when with Bon as they are always doing something reckless together.
All colors are accurate in these pictures.
Costume Ideas: 
  • Chell from Portal
  • Femshep from Mass Effect
  • Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop
  • Saya from Blood+
Feeling creative? Make up your own costume with these ideas!
  • A Witch
  • A Demon (with twisty horns and stuff xD) 
  • A Carnie (You know, like from "The Devils Carnival" but be creative)


Tia and Bon by TiaLorelei <da:thumb id="364817625"/> Tia and Bon by exucomic
This is my 2nd most used OC. He's shy and quite when he's alone but when paired with Amanda Tia Lorelei, he's extremely outgoing and reckless.
All colors are accurate in the colored pictures.
Costume Ideas: 
  • Spike Speigle from Cowboy Bebop
  • Wolfwood from Trigun
  • Grave from Gungrave
  • Hagi from Blood+
Feeling creative? Make up your own costume with these ideas!
  • A Demon (with twisty horns and stuff)
  • A Carnie (Should be inspired by "The Devils Carnival" as well) 

Elf Tia

<da:thumb id="383482614"/>
She's an Elf Cleric who worships Unicorns. She's pretty quite and loves all creatures (as long as their not trying to kill her)
All colors are accurate in this picture.
Costume Ideas: 
  • Unicorn Girl
  • Soraka from League of Legends


<da:thumb id="380023391"/>
She is a Siren Demon who's quite seductive (after all she is a siren) 
  • Skin: Pale
  • Eyes: Green on the inside and gradients out to blue. 
  • Hair: Split Tone. Top is Light Brown, Bottom & Streak are Black.
  • Horns: Dark Blue/Green
Costume Ideas: 
  • Anything seductive!
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And now for what you all have been waiting for!

Drooling Pumpkin - Free Icon by etNoirPRIZESDrooling Pumpkin - Free Icon by etNoir

*All entries will be judged by :icontialorelei: and :iconbonfire-1343:, and all prizes will be awarded by myself and anyone who wants to contribute a prize* 


There will be 1 Winner chosen and prizes are as follows! (Prizes are subject to change depending on how many entries there are)

Each Entry Will Receive:

  • A Favorite
  • A Llama badge
  • 10 :points:

Winner Will Receive:

  • 100 Points
  • A Full Color/Full Body Digital Drawing by :icontialorelei:

Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir Ghost Divider - Free by etNoir 


<da:thumb id="409278986"/> by :iconmarcoemma:

TiaLoreli by lostchopper by :iconlostchopper:

Tia-halloween contest by J4B by :iconj4b:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my entry be any type of picture? (Flat colors/ Shaded/ Lineless/ etc.)

    Yes as long as your putting noticeable effort into it!

  2. Can I collaborate with a friend?

    Absolutely! But remember to give credit to everyone who worked on the piece!

  3. Are all types of art accepted?

    Absolutely! As long as you can make it look like the OC you chose, then whatever medium you use is fine. Digital art, traditional art, cosplay, sculpture - anything visual. (However, as stated above, no literature is allowed in this particular contest.)

  4.  Can our own OCs be interacting with your OCs? 

    For the most part, yes. I will allow you to illustrate your own OC interacting with my OCs as long as:
    ~My OC(s) are one of the main focal points of the picture
    ~It is Halloween Themed
    ~All interaction is non-intimate (our OCs can be friendly, but not TOO friendly)

  5. What is an OC?

    OC is a commonly used acronym that stands for "original character". An original character can be anything from animals, imaginary species, or humans that the artist in question created completely on their own. This is not to be confused with a Fan Character - or a character that was created specifically to fit in with an already existing series, book, television show, game, anime, etc.
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Fine Print

Keep in mind that by entering you are giving me permission to feature your art in a comic page if you win, you are also giving me permission to feature your art in this journal as well as my journal all throughout November 2013. I also have the right to cancel or change any prizes according to how many people enter.


New Art

Let It Go T-Shirt Monochrome by TiaLoreleiLet It Go by TiaLorelei


Nikki And Mawile by exucomicTialorelei by exucomicCommission TiaLorelei by beelzezloverTialorelei  by exucomicCOMMISSION: Tia and Bon by Kenndaljustfreaking
  • Drinking: Water
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I am here on behalf of %AnotherContestGroup. I have listed your contest in our journal ( ). We have nearly 10,000 watchers, all with a common interest of contests. (Perhaps join our group if haven't yet!)

Feel free to contact us if you have any details that need changing (i.e. deadline, prizes) or any questions (be sure to check our FAQ first! )

If you would like to add our free Winners Package to your prize listing, check out our FAQ to see if you qualify! If you do, just note the group!

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